Le Belvédère is a family run business with deep roots in the hospitality industry. From the time Le Belvédère was simply a dream unfolding, to today as one of Ottawa’s most sought after wedding destinations, each and every decision has been made with your wedding day in mind.

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Le Belvedere represents so many things to me. It truly is my life's passion, my happy place and the single thing I am most proud of. I have dedicated my life to making Le Belvedere the absolute perfect place for your family and friends to celebrate one of the most important milestones in your life.

•• When I am not answering emails or working with my amazing team you can usually find me with the other loves of my life, my golden retrievers Jack, Charlie and Henry. I am convinced that the only reason people follow my instagram is because my dogs are so crazy cute.

•• I am a country girl through and trough but will never turn down a good glass of champagne or a meal at my favourite restaurant in the city.

•• I live perched up on a hill overlooking a quiet lake with no neighbours and more land then I know what to do with. Being alone with nature brings me peace and I clearly believe in surrounding yourself with beautiful views :)

•• I have the most amazing life partner that supports all my crazy dreams and restores my calm each and everyday. He is the reason I love a good love story and I can't wait to hear yours.

I am so blessed to spend my days helping so many amazing couples celebrate the beginning of the most exciting chapter in their lives. I believe whole heartedly that weddings are one of the most important celebrations of your life. I have made it my mission to design a facility and put a team in place that ensures your wedding will be the day you embraced, enjoyed, laughed and celebrated. Let us do the work, you live in the moment.


Meet our Executive Chef »


I have been the lead coordinator at Le Belvedere for the past three years and I can honestly say it feels like home to me. The team we have built has truly become family. You might say I have a (sometimes over the top) love for weddings, I get giddy over the idea of being the person who gets to ensure your day is flawless and magical. 

•• When I am not coordinating weddings you can find me just a few short minutes away with a glass of red wine in hand renovating my 1970s fixer-upper mountain home, also known as my second #happyplace.

•• Much like the rest of the Belvedere crew, I am an intense dog-lover. I have beautiful 7 year German shepherd named Ellie that keeps me on my toes. To be honest, If I had the space my house would be home to every rescue dog in the city (one day)

•• I have many favourite moments on a wedding day. Each one is special but to me, none quite compare to the “First Look”. Whether Its walking down the aisle, 10 minutes prior, or earlier in the day, this is always a beautiful and emotional moment of everything you have waited for finally arriving.

You will reminisce, tell stories about and remember your wedding day for many years to come. It’s my job to make sure your day is full of stories of friends and family, laughing, dancing, drinking and dining as my team delivers you a flawless service and world class meal. 

Let's celebrate! 


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I was exposed to a lot of different foods growing up, In French culture, food is everywhere and in my family, we always cooked and created together. This is where my love of food, it's history, and most importantly cooking stems from.

My vision for Le Belvedere is simple yet effective; use only the freshest and finest quality ingredients with as many locally sourced options possible. Which is why I am excited to be working on Le Belvedere’s field to fork project. Less than five minutes from Le Belvedere three-acres of farmland are now dedicated to supplying Le Belvedere’s kitchen with the freshest produce.

We have created a kitchen that is warm and inviting and truly feels like home to me. The combination of our beautiful kitchen, the best local ingredients and 25 years of experience in every corner of the culinary world has creates the perfect recipe for me to ensure your meal is one you will never forget.

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