Meet Our

Le Belvédère is a family run business with deep roots in the hospitality industry. From the time Le Belvédère was simply a dream unfolding, to today as one of Ottawa’s most sought after wedding destinations, each and every decision has been made with your wedding day in mind.

Le Belvedere represents so many things to me. It truly is my life's passion, my happy place and the single thing I am most proud of. I have dedicated my life to making Le Belvedere the absolute perfect place for your family and friends to celebrate one of the most important milestones in your life.



•When I am not answering emails or working with my amazing team you can usually find me with the other loves of my life, my golden retrievers Charlie and Henry and chocolate lab Celia. I am convinced that the only reason people follow my instagram is because my dogs are so crazy cute.

•I am a country girl through and trough but will never turn down a good glass of champagne or a meal at my favourite restaurant in the city 

•I live up on a hill overlooking a quiet lake with no neighbours and more land then I know what to do with. Being with nature brings me peace and I clearly believe in surrounding yourself with beautiful views

•I have the most amazing life partner that supports all my crazy dreams and restores my calm each and every day (and gets suckered into building me things at home and at Le Belvedere). He is the reason I love a good love story and I can't wait to hear yours.

I am so blessed to spend my days helping so many amazing
couples celebrate the beginning of the most exciting chapter
in their lives. I believe whole heartedly that weddings are one
of the most important celebrations of your life. I have made it my mission to design a facility and put a team in place that ensures your wedding will be the day you embraced, enjoyed, laughed and celebrated. Let us do the work, you live in the moment.

Frank was exposed to a lot of different foods growing up, In French culture, food is everywhere and in his family, and they always cooked and created together. This is where Frank’s love of food, its history, and most importantly cooking stems from.

His vision for Le Belvedere is simple yet effective; use only the freshest and finest quality ingredients with as many locally sourced options possible.

We have created a kitchen that is warm and inviting and truly feels like home to me. The combination of our beautiful kitchen, the best local ingredients and 25 years of experience in every corner of the culinary world has creates the perfect recipe for me to ensure your meal is one you will never forget.


Gilles as we say in French is "un homme à tout faire" he is our tech support, our muscle when we need anything moved and possibly most important (to you and your guest anyways!) of all one of our bar manager, amazing bartender and servers!



• He has been with us since almost day one starting with us in 2012 in the kitchen. But realized his passion for people were better put to use as a server and hasn't looked back since! 

• His favourite part a wedding is serving champagne to the newlyweds and watching their nerves disappear and switch to party more now that the ceremony is done! 

• He has a 2 year old husky named Cali (this is why we love when you include your pets since we miss ours!) 

• If he isn’t behind the bar, you can find him golfing a few times a week! 

Our lovely pastry Chef Michelle, she has such a keen eye for detail and passion for food she is such a central figure in our kitchen team and has been for over 6 years. She is always pushing us to stay current and on point with our food and is a big fan of R&D in the off season (that we all get to benefit from as taste testers!)

GET TO KNOW michelle


• She is one of the reasons we are so well known for our food as her dedication to her job is matched only by her love of cat videos on the internet.

• Whether it be hiking, climbing or anything in between Michelle is outside as much as humanly possible, except when she is curled up with a book and a blanket during the winter months 

• She has, by far, the most interesting taste in music I have ever heard, from 90’s rap, to heavy metal, to French folklore, to 80’s rock and everything in between her prep days are filled with music (most of which the rest of us don’t know!)

Shawn has been our team manager for 5 years now and truly has a passion for service. He is customer centric in everything he does and always has a smile on his face no matter what which is one of the many reasons we love him! 



• When getting thank you emails from brides he is often referred to as "I forget his name but the bald man was also amazing" this probably has something to do with the amount of alcohol consumed by 10pm when Shawn becomes your main point of contact 

• His favourite part of a wedding is a grand exit watching the couple walk away hand in hand knowing they have had the time of their lives!
•He has an 11 year old pug named lady bug (the pug)

•Of all his years in client service he is proud to say NOTHING compares to the experience he and our team can offer at Le Belvédère!


Over the past 4 years she have had the pleasure of meeting so many great couples and their families as one of Le Belvedere's coordinators. She also take care of tours, new inquiries and social media which is why she is the gets so excited for your big day from your first visit to your big day and everything in between!


• She have a big laugh and big personality which is why she love showing you around and answering all of your questions!

• She have a great memory for random things which has definitely come in handy more than once!

• Her favourite moment during a wedding are those precious moments before the bride steps out to walk down the aisle and just gets a few more moments to soak it all in! .

• She LOVES photos and can spend hours searching through galleries and instagram to find images to share to inspire you and get you excited about your big day!